With over 40 years of experience, Fire Solutions has implemented a self-contained trailer with fully functional fire suppression systems installed.

We are offering hands on training for inspections and testing of fire sprinkler, fire alarm, fire pumps, gas suppression, foam systems and their components. The valves include wet, dry, pre-action, double Interlock and foam.

Fire Solutions has a stationary functioning fire pump which we will offer pump testing procedures as well as filling out the proper documentation needed for AHJ’s and code compliance. The fire alarm panel includes fully functional smoke detectors, heat detection and pull station along with supervisory switches. The supervisory switches included are valve tampers, flow switches, pressure switches both air and water pressure.

Our fully functional gas suppression Inergen system includes a release panel interfaced with the alarm panel to show students the connection and procedures necessary to perform inspection and testing. The foam suppression system has the tank and components to show full operation of testing.

Fire Solutions is offering training and education with code compliance in life safety for fire fighters, inspectors, fitters, technicians and as well as contractors.